To give Canon credit, the SX retains many of the controls found in the S3 and S5; manual controls tend to fall by the wayside in this camera class. Facebook shares plunge after warning of slowing growth. The monitor is adjustable for fourteen levels of illumination. Shutter performance with flash drops off a bit as the camera uses the AF assist beam in red eye reduction mode before firing the flash, but the camera is still fairly responsive with flash enabled. Jul 20, lens news. The LP option gives priority to recording length over image quality and provides almost double the recording time for the same sized media.

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Reviewed Dec 20, Basic Specifications Full model name: Brand index Canon Canon Compact Cameras. Images were ix sharp, with good color and white balance in most situations, and minimal distortion. But if you need a small camera with a big lens, powershot sx100 is this camera some powershot sx100 is consideration.

These figures are based on CIPA test standards, and match up well with my own experience in the field. Canon SX IS review.

Canon PowerShot SX IS review: Canon PowerShot SX IS – CNET

These range from the simple — like how the Canon SX replaces obscure icons powershot sx100 is simple, clear directions like “Raise the flash” — to more complex features, such powershot sx100 is the ability to automatically adjust ISO sensitivity to sd100 camera shake.

I greatly enjoyed the face select function in playback, quickly learning to page through the faces in portrait photos; although sadly I can’t provide photos, as my friends aren’t keen on becoming internet celebrities.

UK and Ireland heatwave reveals hidden henges in piwershot fields. This isn’t a problem in some modes where the wheel has no function, but in other modes it could powershot sx100 is to accidentally changed settings. Attractive and nicely made, the Canon SX IS isn’t exactly pocket friendly, but is not unreasonably large powershot sx100 is a camera with a 10x optical zoom lens. Fairly approachable for beginners with a range of automatic controls and scene-mode options, the Canon SXIS also offers a wide range of functions including a fully manual mode that will please more experienced users.

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Canon PowerShot SX100 IS Full Review

The Canon SXIS is nicely powershot sx100 is for shooting one-handed, with no sensors, microphones or flash strobes to accidentally cover with a finger, powersoht most important controls within easy reach. The patent describes a system that uses correction software and a movable built-in camera lens to mitigate powershot sx100 is and improve image quality when shooting with accessory lenses.

Ricoh has announced that its S1x00 Store for the Theta V camera is now live, featuring plugins created powershot sx100 is Ricoh, and others by third-party developers as part of the the Theta Plug-in Partner Program. Nikon has announced the development of powershot sx100 is long-awaited full-frame mirrorless system, which will use a new mount. Sound memos may be attached to images. Under incandescent lighting, you’re likely to lose a lot more detail in hair and other subtle textures, but even so, I think most consumers would still find 8×10 inch prints acceptable.

Jul 21, review. Sepia view medium image view large image.

Canon SX IS Review

The Good First-rate photo quality; full set of manual exposure controls; optical image stabilization; electronic lens cover. Nikon says more information will be available in the coming weeks. Powershot sx100 is and sliders and buttons, oh my!

Jul 20, lens news. Finally, the LCD is good, but not terrific, and not always easy to see in bright sunlight. This relatively compact camera mounts a 10x optical zoom lens and offers good shutter performance, image color and quality along with optical stabilization. There’s also the de rigueur handful of scene modes, plus powershot sx100 is decent face detection mode that lets you scroll through found faces to select one.


The digital camera industry as a whole really needs to move poweershot powershot sx100 is letting consumers obsess over megapixel ratings, when the image quality story involves so much more See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. Activates shutter after an approx.

Excellent 10x zoom lens Optical image stabilization Pretty accurate exposure metering Good sharpness Good color without oversaturation common in consumer digicams Useful ISO range from 80 to 1, Minimal lens distortion Reasonably compact for a long-zoom camera Full manual powershot sx100 is control, plus full auto mode when you need it Good selection of preset shooting modes Large 2.

There is an AF-assist beam to help with low light conditions; AF acquisition time in good light is in the half-second range. The monitor can be set to display shooting information or present a virtually clear screen, and grid lines may be overlaid to assist with photo composition.

Nikon has posted a cinematic new teaser video featuring what appears to powershot sx100 is its forthcoming mirrorless camera. Provides uninterrupted power for shooting or downloading.

The Canon SX IS yields pretty nice photos, showing quite good color without the oversaturation common in entry-level cameras, and generally accurate exposures as well.